Where we are

How to get to Palazzo Innovazione

We are located in the historical center of the city of Salerno

  • 15 minute walk to Salerno‚Äôs central train station
  • 1.5 hours in high speed train from Rome and 4.5 hours from Milan. 3 hours separate us from bronzes of Riace.
  • 45 minutes by car from the Napoli Capodichino's International Airport.
  • Bus and rail connections also available from the airport

Palazzo Innovazione is located in a prime location for the nearby services, accommodation and catering opportunities.
When staying in town in one of the characteristic B & B or in hotels in the historic center of Salerno you can reach us comfortably by bus, by metro, or by car, or on foot! While visiting make sure to sample the local gastronomic traditions of this part of southern Italy, and enjoy the local Salerno nightlife.

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